CONAI Platform

CONAI Platform

Ambiente S.p.A. for several years has operated as "CONAI Platform" (National Packaging Consortium), in the field of environmental management for companies producing and using packaging. A CONAI Platform is a site where solid urban waste and special waste can be delivered, as well as all recyclable materials. This represents an important link within the waste cycle: to send many types of waste for recovery or just to lighten the storage capacity of landfills.

The 7 Packaging Waste Consortia are:

Steel (Ricrea)
Aluminium (Cial)
Paper/Cardboard (Comieco)
Wood (Rilegno)
Plastic (Corepla)
Bio-plastic (Biorepack)
Glass (Coreve)

Alongside these, there are the so-called "autonomous" systems: P.A.R.I., CONIP and CORIPET.

In the Ambiente S.p.A. plant (reached for carry out the Consortia activities, Selection and Storage Center or CSS) takes place the selection of all the sorted waste collected by the Municipalities, which is the crucial stage of recycling waste.

The material is automatically selected through a system of sieves and optical readers capable of recognizing the polymer and, through compressed air nozzles, directing it for a homogeneous clustering.

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