Private Companies - Collecting, transport and waste disposal

Private Companies - Collecting, transport and waste disposal

Ambiente S.p.A. focuses on every aspect of the waste cycle, from collection to the treatment up to recovery. This way its customers can build a direct relationship with a single source.

Ambiente S.p.A. can count on a vast area of plants (18,000 square meters of which 5,000 are covered) built by using sophisticated technologies with high safety standards. At every stage of the activities carried out within the plants, rigorous environmental control and surveillance measures are applied.

The objective of the processing is to obtain Secondary Raw Materials, products to be marketed, waste that is easier to recover and/or dispose of by third-party plants, equipped with specific processing technologies.

For private companies, Ambiente S.p.A. offers:

Transport and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste
Collection, transport and disposal of materials from construction sites
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